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JD Safety Services

Our approach to health and safety consultancy... 

No gimmicks, no hard sell, just simple straightforward practical advice on a personal level.


At JD Safety Services, we are committed to helping businesses create a safe and secure work environment for their employees. We believe that every employee deserves to work in a safe environment, and we work closely with our clients to achieve this goal.

We are always happy to give general advice on the phone, so feel free to get in touch on 07704 624574. If we feel you don’t need our support, we’ll tell you.


What We Do

We work in partnership with clients who believe in the importance of doing things properly. Our approach is ethical, practical and personal (we know all of our clients personally), assisting clients to manage safety in a way that is specific to their needs.


Risk Assessments

Our risk assessments help businesses identify potential hazards and implement measures to minimize or eliminate risks.


Policies and Procedures


Fire Consultants

As fire safety consultants, JD Safety Services understands the importance of keeping a safe and secure work environment. We provide a range of services and consultancy aimed at meeting the health and safety needs of our clients. 


Inspections & Audits

Our focus on inspections and audits ensures that employers adhere to all safety guidelines and regulations. We believe that preventative measures are key to reducing the number of work-related incidents and illnesses. 


CDM Guidance and Advice

We provide comprehensive services for all CDM guidance and advice. Including client side, principal designer, and principal contractor.


Accident, Investigation and Reporting

Our team at JD Safety Services is dedicated to reducing the risks associated with workplace hazards. We go above and beyond to ensure that your employees have the knowledge they need to identify risks and stay safe. 


Trusted By

We understand that safety is a top priority in any workplace.

At JD Safety Services, our goal is to help business owners and managers meet their safety and health obligations. We take the time to thoroughly assess each client's workplace, then develop and implement customised safety programs.


Our services cover everything from workplace safety inspections to training and consultation. Don't just take our word for it – see for yourself the difference a safety-focused approach can make.



JD Safety Services
31 Brown Lane, Cheadle,
Cheshire, SK8 3RL

07704 624574

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