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JD Safety Services

Your partner in creating a safe work environment.

Our Services

At JD Safety Services, we provide business management consulting services that help companies maintain a safe and secure environment for their employees.


Our comprehensive solutions include risk assessments, safety training, and compliance consulting. We are dedicated to delivering high-quality and reliable services that help businesses meet regulatory requirements and create a safe work environment.


Our Services Include:

  • Risk assessment

  • Policies and procedures (including safe systems work)

  • Fire consultants (Including fire risk assessment, evacuation plans and peeps)

  • Inspections, audits

  • CDM guidance and advice

  • Accident, investigation and reporting

  • Liaison and representation with enforcement authorities

  • Advising on EHS issues in design

  • Assessing training needs and provision of training courses

  • Telephone advice service for customers

  • Competent Person Service support packages

Our Focus

At JD Safety Services, our focus is on creating a safe work environment for our clients. We provide customized solutions that help businesses maintain compliance with safety standards and reduce the risk of accidents and injuries.

For further information please contact John Duffy on 07704 624574 or email

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